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Integrated Security Solutions

Covalt Security Solutions Designs, Installs, Services, and Live-Monitors Security Solutions Across California.

Our Covalt security specialists will customize a system that best fits your needs, based on your situation, industry, and objectives. We design, install, and maintain your solution as you envision it today and position it for planned growth in the future. We carefully plan the installation so that we get it right the first time. 


Our security surveillance systems offer a robust protection that allows you to keep an eye on your business whether you’re on location, working remotely or gone for the day. Our expert technicians will train you on how to access live video feeds and playback video clips. Our support staff is also standing by, so you can always lean on us for equipment and technical support.

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Parking garage cameras help prevent car break-ins, vandalism and bodily injury. 


Laundry room's are hot spots for vandalism and coin theft. 

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All apartments need cameras around the perimeter, entrances and exits, garbage dumpsters, garages, laundry rooms, swimming pools, common areas and roof tops.