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Unlock the future

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Brivo Access

Meet The Future Of Access Control
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Access Control Visibility


• Data visualization capability with intuitive user-friendly interface

• Event tracking of door activity and active users with alert settings and reporting features

• Event classification to organize activity by critical action required

• Device status read-out in your access control solution

• User and credential management as well as group access permission management

• Lockdown feature to secure the facility in an emergency

• Live and recorded video capture and indexing




Flexibility and Control

• Mobile credentials to modernize your workforce and facility

• Remote and mobile management to control from any device and from anywhere

• Role-based permissions

• Event and user access automation and scheduling

• Automated user access privileges and ability to schedule events

• Identity Access Management to tie user physical security access rights to online access • Infinite scalability to grow

• Site and door management to set up building access perimeter and interior doors

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